Our Activities

Ehime Global Network engages in a variety of activities with global perspective rooted mainly in the local communities in order to create a sustainable society. We promote four projects as the pillars of our activities; International Cooperation (including Mozambique Project), Environmental Preservation, ESD (Education for Sustainable Development), and Networking.

The motto of EGN is “Think Globally, Act Locally and Change Personally.” But when you hear “international cooperation” you may think that the problems related to far distant countries and that it is too hard for us to tackle. But it is not true. There are so many things we can do because we are in Japan. It is very difficult for one person to start, but if we all get together, we can create power to change the world from a local town. And if we expand the connection of the people, we increase our activities.

A circle of people and the effects have become bigger and clearer. For example, primary school students grew older to become college students and today they work for the organization as interns or volunteers. Or some children now became school teachers to encourage their students and other teachers to help the activities. As we have continued, the activities took rooted in the community, and surely expand the roles. Would you like to join us to participate in creating a bright future?